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The Constitution of the Canadian Nurses for Health and the Environment (CNHE) - June 2009

1. The name of the Association shall be Canadian Nurses for Health and the Environment (CNHE)


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2. The Canadian Nurses for Health and the Environment (CNHE) represents Registered Nurses across Canada and those working with Registered Nurses dedicated to the improvement of environmental health. The objectives for which the Association is founded include:

a. To support and enhance the engagement of Registered Nurses in the promotion of environmental health in all domains of nursing practice.

b. To provide a national forum for Registered Nurses to communicate, discuss, debate, and share knowledge and expertise about environmental health issues of concern.

c. To promote excellence in environmental health nursing practice across Canada.

d. To promote the integration of environmental health at all levels of nursing curricula.

e. To promote nursing research in environmental health issues.

f. To provide a venue whereby Registered Nurses can speak as a unified voice for influencing public policy related to the environmental conditions affecting human health.

g. To promote and support opportunities for inter-professional and inter-sectoral approaches to environmental health practice, education, research, and policy.

h. To enhance the profile of Registered Nurses’ work in environmental health at the municipal, provincial, national, and international levels.

i. To make such By-Laws as may be deemed necessary and advisable concerning the administration and management of the affairs of CNHE, and from time to time to alter and repeal any such By-Laws.

j. To annually evaluate CNHE’s Mission, Vision and Values for continued relevance and meaning for the Association and its members.

3. The Board of Directors for CNHE will be comprised of elected officers as deemed appropriate according to the Bylaws.