The Power of Circularity | Dame Ellen MacArthur | #BoFVOICES 201716 Oct, 2018 | Posted by: cnhe

Inspiring talk about applying circularity to the Fashion (textiles) Industry

Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy16 Oct, 2018 | Posted by: cnhe

A great introduction to the Circular Economy

Incorporating Aboriginal Wisdom to Promote Ecoliteracy 07 Apr, 2016 | Posted by: cnhe



Ecological sustainability is a goal of many Canadian organizations and professionals, including nurses. The most logical source of sustainability wisdom that promotes ecological wholeness are traditional Aboriginal teachings and philosophies. Nursing educational programs are beginning to incorporate Aboriginal wisdom into curriculum to promote holistic nursing care of First Nations, Metis and Inuit people and to help evolve ecoliteracy. Nursing faculty follow a mandate to teach students to be active agents of advocacy for global issues including environmental health and ecology.

This Pechakucha by June Kaminski addresss how students create content to help nurses explore ecological issues and engage in the process of finding solutions to critical issues, and how Aboriginal wisdom supports this. It also explores how the Canadian Nurses for Health of the Environment encourages all Canadian nurses to become involved in promoting ecological sustainability on a national level.


Dear Future Generations: Sorry21 Apr, 2015 | Posted by: cnhe

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Read the Facts at Concerned Professional Engineers at: