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CWRA BC 2015 Conference Program 10 Oct, 2015 | Posted by: cnhe

Canadian Water Resources Association Conference, BC Chapter: November 18-19, 2015 in Richmond, BC

Water Conference

The Canadian Nurses for Health & the Environment (CNHE/IISE) are supporting a half day special session as part of the programme for the Canadian Water Resources Association BC Branch 2015 Conference. The goal is to bring together nurses with water resource engineers and enhance the technical knowledge of participants in specific areas of expertise relevant to the conference theme.

CWRA BC Branch Conference 2015
Floods, Droughts, & Everything In Between
November 18-19, 2015
Vancouver, British Columbia


The BC Branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association seeks to advance existing common ground between scientists, practitioners and decision-makers, and to establish new ways forward for informed adaptation. The conference will address a wide range of resource management and environmental sciences topics including

Water quality and ecosystem health
Policy, planning and governance
Floods, droughts, and extreme events
Water, energy and natural resource extraction
Hydrodynamics and hydrometrics
Special Session: Human Health and Water

Conference registration is now open and fees:

Conference programme:

If your organization would like to sponsor the conference, please see the following link:

Waste Reduction Week 201510 Oct, 2015 | Posted by: cnhe

About Waste Reduction Week in Canada (WRW)

Waste Reduction Week engages and empowers Canadians to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. WRW is currently held in the third week of October each year.


WRW's “take action” message calls on all Canadians to adopt more environmentally conscious choices. The Waste Reduction Week educational resources provide information and ideas to reduce waste in all facets of daily living. Reducing waste is one solution to the many environmental challenges we face: climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.

History of WRW

Recycling and Waste Reduction Weeks started in the mid-1980s, when a number of recycling councils and environmental organizations began holding provincial events. In 2001, these organizations came together, pooled their resources and expanded their efforts into a national event called Waste Reduction Week in Canada (WRW).

Since 2001, Waste Reduction Week in Canada has been organized by a coalition of non-government, not-for-profit environment groups and governments from each of the 13 participating provincial and territorial jurisdictions across Canada.