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Updates from the CNA

Canadian Nurses Association

The Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment - Association d''infirmieres et infirmiers pour l''environnement (CNHE/IISE) is proud to be a member of the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA).

"The environment has an impact on health. As nurses we have a role in preventing exposures to and reducing risks from environmental hazards. CNA has developed tools that support nurses in addressing environmental health issues effectively, no matter what setting they work in, be it clinical practice, administration, research, education or policy."

Canadian Nurses Association"The work of this initiative was first guided by the Environmental Health Reference Group, a group of nurses from across Canada that first met in June 2007. With help from CNA, the group has expanded to include other interested nurses and has become a CNA emerging group (now an associate group) Canadian Nurses for Health and the Environment (now the Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment)." (CNA: Nursing and Environmental Health)

The CNA has developed tools to support nurses who are engaging in environmental health by making presentations to patients, colleagues and the public. These tools are free, available in both English and French and can be downloaded for use in your practice. To access, click on the image or menu to the right.

Pertinent CNA Updates

One of our roles as a group member of CNA is to keep our members informed about CNA events, announcements and other initiatives.

  Canadian Nurses Association to co-host International Council of Nurses 2023 congress in Montreal The International Council of Nurses (ICN) a federation of more than 130 national nursing associations representing more than 20 million nurses worldwide announced from its headquarters in Geneva that it has selected Montreal to be the host city for its 2023 global congress. Canada has hosted the congress three times since ICN was founded in 1899, twice in Montreal (1929 and 1969) and once in Vancouver (1997). The 1969 congress attracted more than 10,000 nurses from 63 countries.

  National Nursing Week 2019 The National Nursing Week annual celebrations take place from the Monday to the Sunday of the same week as Florence Nightingale''s birthday, May 12. For 2019, National Nursing Week will take place Monday, May 6, to Sunday, May 12. The theme for 2019 has not yet been determined. CNA will announce the details at a later date.

  2016 CNA Biennial Convention Theme: Nurses: Driving the Shift to Primary Health Care. Join us in Saint John, New Brunswick, this June for CNA''s 2016 annual meeting of members and biennial convention, where we will showcase how RNs are implementing primary health care to its fullest potential. Where: Saint John Trade & Convention Centre, Saint John, New Brunswick, When: June 20-22, 2016

View PPT from June Kaminski and Fiona Hanley's two contributions to the Biennium on behalf of CANE: Solution Lab, Empowering Canadian nursings voice in environmental health and
Pechakucha Presentation, Nursing in the Anthropocene: Building capacity in an era of environmental uncertainty

  2013 Leadership in PHC Series CNA is pleased to release this compilation of 10 stories: our leadership in primary health care (PHC) series. These stories illustrate how registered nurses (RNs) are boldly championing social justice and health equity principles in a way that responds to the needs and expectations of Canadians. They also show RNs playing an important role, as part of interprofessional collaborative teams, in expanding the reach of PHC beyond the health sector.

  October 2, 2012 - Toward optimizing the health of Canadians and strengthening the performance of our health systems
The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) celebrated the release of the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology''s final report on the Review of the 2004 Health Accord (10-Year Plan to Strengthen Health Care). Released March 27, 2012, Time for Transformative Change: A Review of the 2004 Health Accord presents a series of 46 thoughtful recommendations calling for stronger collaboration between federal, provincial and territorial governments. CNA eagerly anticipates the federal government’s response to this report in the coming weeks and expects that it will commit to moving forward with concrete actions to address the health needs of Canadians, especially those among us who are exposed to conditions that predispose vulnerability.

  June, 2012 - National Expert Commission
A Nursing Call to Action, the final report from CNA’s National Expert Commission, suggests a fundamental shift in how health and health care is funded, managed and delivered in Canada. Read the report, view videos, and check out other key resources now.

  November 24, 2010 - CNA Action Alert on Bill C-311
As you may know, despite being passed by a majority of the members of the House of Commons, the Senate shocked Canadians on November 16th and defeated Bill C-311, the Climate Change Accountability Act. This is the only time in the past 70 years that the appointed Senate has defeated a bill passed by the elected House of Commons without allowing for full consideration or debate.

Nursing & Environmental Health


More than 150 nurses from across Canada with an interest in environmental health are connecting through CNA to network with their peers, share resources and benefit from discussing colleagues'' experiences with nursing and environmental health. A new CNA Associate Group has formed: Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment.

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